"When I first saw his work I threw out my pens and nibs."
Gerald Scarfarkle, cartoonist
"Peter is the best cartoonist in the world and I'm not just saying that because he saved my cat."
Heidi Kleinlapper, supermodel
"With their erratic, yet poignant frivolity Peter’s cartoons hold us in benumbed, emotional limbo until, nudged by the elbow of whimsicality, we smile."
Mariella Bergerbun, art and literary critic
"For an internationally-acclaimed celebrity cartoonist I'm surprised at what a regular, likeable guy he is!"
Martin Drupworth, editor, Dude Magazine
"Me and the kids ran into Pete at a Spurs-Arsenal match and he drew a cartoon on their arms! After that we didn’t even care about the match!"
Gary Winklepicker, football pundit
"He drew a card for my gran's 102nd birthday which I know she would have treasured."
Charles Macbatten-Winslow, prince
"Peter's cartoons brought me back from the brink and I can finally laugh again".
Tiger Woody, golfer
"I was getting very bored while Donald was working all day but Peter’s cartoons kept me so amused I just laughed and laughed!"
Melanie Trunk, wife of Donald J Trunk, president
"I wanted to make a film with Peter and Margot [Robbie], Juliet [Binoche] or Becks [Kate Beckinsale] but for some crazy reason the girls don’t reply to my texts."
Harvey Steinwiener, film producer
"Peter’s “Dead Froggie” T-shirt is the absolute dog’s bollocks. I even got one for Daryl my new partner although he’s more of an open-shirt guy."
Elton Stubbs, singer