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Time for a Change

By August 3, 2017Hobbies

For months Facebook has been bugging me to change my profile photo. I guess they were sick of looking at the one of me standing outside the Fox and Badger wearing a baseball cap backwards and holding a beer that I had posted nine years ago. I know the bugging is computer-generated but it was starting to bother me that I might be hurting the computer’s feelings or making it angry by not following its suggestion. So today I gave in and set about changing my profile photo. When I realized I’d forgotten how I phoned my friend Lorraine, a Facebook freak who changes her profile photo every day and got her to talk me through it. Now there is a new photo of me, smiling, holding a beer and looking quite cool outside the Coopers Arms, on my Facebook page and the Facebook computer has stopped bugging me. Hey, at least I didn’t post one of my dog wearing sunglasses and smoking a fag.

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