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I’m so chuffed. My facebook friends have been “liking” my new fb profile photo. Quite a few even made comments like “Wow! Handsome!” and “Hey there big dude!” Ping! goes my phone when another notification come in. I am now determined to change my fb profile photo more often. I am hoping Taylor Swift sees it and sends me a friend request. (Although I have gone off her recently as she has gotten a bit thin.)


Time for a Change

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For months Facebook has been bugging me to change my profile photo. I guess they were sick of looking at the one of me standing outside the Fox and Badger wearing a baseball cap backwards and holding a beer that I had posted nine years ago. I know the bugging is computer-generated but it was starting to bother me that I might be hurting the computer’s feelings or making it angry by not following its suggestion. So today I gave in and set about changing my profile photo. When I realized I’d forgotten how I phoned my friend Lorraine, a Facebook freak who changes her profile photo every day and got her to talk me through it. Now there is a new photo of me, smiling, holding a beer and looking quite cool outside the Coopers Arms, on my Facebook page and the Facebook computer has stopped bugging me. Hey, at least I didn’t post one of my dog wearing sunglasses and smoking a fag.

Old Rockers

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I live with an 88 year old lady who hates rock and roll. Every time some rock and roll comes on the radio or the TV or she hears me playing it up in my room she says to me in her squeaky little voice “Goodness! I really hate that awful noisy rock and roll!”. Yesterday I tied her to a chair in front of two big speakers and put Lynrd Skynyrd, the Doobie Brothers and Jerry Lee Lewis on a loop, wound up the volume and went out and mowed the lawn. She doesn’t tell me she hates rock and roll anymore. (Actually I didn’t do that but I lay on my bed for an hour thinking about it.)