World-famous cartoonist and creator of Bogart the Cat, Flash Filstrup, Robbie the Wonderdog and Maurice and Earl, five times awardee of the coveted Gold Nib, president of the prestigious Rubber Crutch Club, founder of Gagline and frequenter of the infamous Le Coq Fatigué Wine Bar and Ale House.

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The cat that put Today on the map and shook them up a little at the Daily Mail is back in action. If you love Garfield you’re in the wrong place.

Sex, booze and nothing to lose. Peter talks about life in the fast lane and what it’s like to be the bad boy of the cartooning world.

Every morning, without fail, commuters David and Trevor hop the 07:22 to London and every morning, without fail, the same old thing happens. Nothing.

Tired of your cat calling the shots? Or someone else’s mog giving you the furry finger as he uses your garden as his personal poopooland? Help is at hand.

A cornucopia of comical cartoonery. A wigwam of whimsical wit . A frigate of farcical frivolity. A few laughs.

And also…

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Read  Peter’s tender yet gripping story of the rise and fall of a strip cartoon in the murky, cut-throat world of the tabloids.

The intimate and fascinating diary of a celebrity cartoonist.

Stuff you can read. Stuff you can wear. Stuff that will make you a better person and your life more meaningful. True.